Our Affiliates

certified auto repair

CERTIFIED AUTO REPAIR:   http://www.certifiedautorepaircenters.com/CertAutoRepair/

Automotive Service Association

ASA:   http://asashop.org/

Automotive Service Excellence

ASE:   https://www.ase.com/Home.aspxhttps://www.ase.com/Home.aspx

Don't Drip and Drive

DONT DRIP AND DRIVE:   https://fixcarleaks.org/

Heston Hauling

HESTON HAULING:  https://www.facebook.com/Heston-Hauling-327055887318761/


CARFAX:   http://www.mycarfax.com

We use Carfax to pull up customer history from any shop that has been linked to Carfax. Carfax also has a great program to track and maintain your service history at no charge at mycarfax.com. we can send links to get people started.