Electric Vehicles and Hybrids

Armstrong Family Auto has been working on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles for years. As the technology progresses, so does the popularity of these next-generation automobiles. If you have anything from a Prius to a Tesla, you can depend on Alex and his team to take good care of your hybrid or electric car.


Hybrid Vehicle Repair Bellingham, WA Whatcom County

Hybrid Vehicles like the Toyota Prius and the Ford Fusion use two distinct, but integrated, types of power. An internal combustion engine provides sustained high speeds and powers an electric generator. The electric motor provides great torque and operates extremely quietly. They gain energy efficiency by switching between the two motors at proper times. Hybrid vehicles still require oil changes and most other maintenance that is associated with exclusively gasoline powered cars. They also have batteries which can require upkeep as well. 



Hybrid and Electric Vehicle repair and maintenance in Bellingham WA and Whatcom County

Electric vehicles, or EVs, use only electricity for propulsion. The vehicle may be charged at your home or an EV charging station. Recently, we’ve seen a huge increase in variety and range for EVs. Because there are so many fewer parts in an electric motor, they generally require much less maintenance and repair than internal combustion vehicles. They still will require attention and service to the tires, suspension, and brake system, and can also have issues with the computer system or battery banks. With economical options like the Nissan Leaf, and the cost saving of not having to buy gas, more and more drivers in Whatcom County are going electric. 

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