Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled, or preventative, maintenance is the regular schedule of services that vehicle manufacturers prescribe to keep a car running well and safely.

• Cars
• Trucks
• SUVs
• Vans
• Quads


Receive professional maintenance services and general auto repair

• Oil changes
• Fluid services
• Tune-ups
• Fuel injection services
• Electrical repair and diagnostics
• Minor and major engine repair
• Engine rebuilding and replacement
• Brakes
• Steering and suspension
• 4×4 and off-road modifications
• Car winterizing
• Car audio

We handle all Manufacturer’s recommended scheduled maintenance for your vehicle.

When do I need scheduled maintenance?

When it comes to maintenance advice, you are often confronted with numerous recommendations and opinions. If you are in doubt, have no fear—the truth is in the owners manual. Manufacturers define maintenance schedules for your specific car and take into account “normal” and “severe” driving conditions.